About us

esagonoSanizoo specialises in the research, development, preparation and distribution of animal feeds, as well as multivitamin and antioxidant supplements for livestock and pets. Good nutrition of livestock serves to improve their performance and wellbeing. This has become Sanizoo’s best-known service over the years. Our business has therefore followed a path of updating, consultancy and research into solutions and products to help our customers face the challenges of tomorrow.

A Brief History


Sanizoo is founded, focusing primarily on distribution of feed and veterinary pharmaceuticals throughout Italy.


Sanizoo makes a strategic market decision to abandon the production of medicines due to the reduced demands of the market and increased EU regulations, while focusing increasingly on the reduction, and even complete elimination, of antibiotics, auxins and growth hormones by feed producers. These kinds of treatments (once useable without any impediment by livestock feed producers) can today be prepared and sold only in compliance with veterinary legislation.


Sanizoo begins distributing its own products to markets in North Africa, Asia and the Middle East. At the same time, in response to customer demand, Sanizoo creates new, small form-factors for distribution of our own products. These are in high demand particularly in our overseas markets.


Sanizoo achieves ISO 9001 certification


Sanizoo strengthens partnerships with overseas customers and, thanks to the success of our own feed products, specialises primarily on our own multivitamin and antioxidant feed supplements.