Animal Feed & Livestock

muccaPaying attention to our four-legged friends is a natural, even automatic, process, and it is clear that feeding livestock correctly not only provides health benefits, but also guarantees greatly improved productivity. The equine world offers a useful analogy, whether bred for livestock or racing: well-balanced and energising nutrition of horses and foals always improves their performance and longevity.

Research & Development

microscopioBy exploiting our knowledge and experience gained in the livestock sector, and particularly in animal feed technologies, Sanizoo has been able to create a highly specialised and qualified industry over time, setting us apart with our continuous research and development.
This has helped us achieve the best supplement production.


furgoneOur experiences in multiple markets have led Sanizoo to purchase dedicated equipment in order to sell our own products in containers as small as a litre, instead of the usual 10-litre containers and large, heavy sacks. These smaller packaging form-factors are ideally suited to the demands of our clients and our overseas markets, as well as for smallholders and private customers who demand the convenience such packaging offers for using and storing our products.


puzzleSanizoo also offers a worldwide consultancy service, providing solutions tailored to each problem thanks to our fully equipped R&D laboratory. Here, our technical department is busy working on continuous control and increasing the quality of our production and processes. This is a new, improved means of collaborating with the breeder and we consider it indispensable in the context of a continually evolving market.

Sanizoo can provide to your business:

Complementary feed and advanced nutritional products

Technical support qualified and up to date

Customized products formulated according to your business needs

Complete line of complementary feed

Specific range for:


  • Dairy cows
  • Dry cows, heifers and calves
  • Cattle fattening
  • Buffaloes
  • Sheep and goats

Complete line of mineral supplements

Specific range for:


  • Fattening pigs
  • Sows and piglets
  • Chickens and turkeys
  • Rabbits and horses

Line of products for all breeds of animals

The range includes


  • Liquid products
  • Powder products
  • Raw materials
  • Premixes for animal feed industry

Traded Products


Sanizoo Products

Vitamins and Minerals